Friday, October 15, 2010

Delectably Delicious Caramels!

I make these all homemade with top quality ingredients and gourmet chocolate! They are to die for! These make greats gifts for visiting teachers, birthdays, Christmas gifts for neighbors, coworkers, friends and are also great stocking stuffers! They are good for ABSOLUTELY ANYTIME!

Everything is coated in a thick layer of delicious homemade, old english caramel, and then dipped in chocolate! Unless you just want the caramels which come wrapped individually with all of its goodness inside!

Caramel apples are $6 or 3 for $15. Pretzel rods are $5 per bag of 2. Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels are $8 for a dozen. And bags of caramels (12 per bag) are $3 each. So cute and even more delicious!

Apple flavors are:
Turtle (Milk Chocolate)
Zebra Stripes (Milk and White Chocolate Striped)
Cookies 'n Creme (White Chocolate)
Apple Pie a la Mode (White Chocolate with delicious spices)
White Chocolate with Heath
Milk Chocolate with Oreo
Milk Chocolate with Heath
Milk Chocolate with Snickers
Milk Chocolate with Butterfinger. Or try the new MONSTER caramel apple! It has oreos, butterfinger and snickers with an extra layer of chocolate drizzled over the top!

New deals for Catalog 12

New customers get $5 OFF your first order! These orders are due October 25 and will arrive around December 1. Send in your order early, before October 24 and you will be entered to win a Delectable Blueberry Muffin Mix (#2308, p 18)!

If you need a good gift to give to neighbors for the holidays it would be very easy and cheap to order some delicious eclairs (#3263, p 13), creme puffs (#3264, p 13) or red velvet cupcakes (#5919, p 39), put some on a plate with a cute bow and take it over! WALLA! Merry Christmas!

Just in time for the holidays is Guittard gourmet chocolate. Great for dipping, shaving or just taking a big bite out of the 10 lb block to curb chocolate cravings!

Guittard – Old Dutch Milk Chocolate Block - 10 lb. Cardboard Carton
$36.99 Each

Anyone like or want to give battered apple sticks a try?
#5980 Battered Apple Sticks
6/2 lb. Case
$15.99 Each
Only $2.67 per bag!

Delicious cookie dough makes delicious cookies!
#6024 Otis Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
213/1.5 oz Case
$24.99 Each
Only .12 per cookie!

Made available for holiday baking we are now offering red muffin paper cups!
125 ct. Sleeve
Special Christmas Pricing of $6.99 each

Alison's Pantry!

HI everyone I am selling Alison's Pantry food! It is basically bulk food at wholesale prices that gets shipped to me and then you come pick up your order! Everything in Alison's Pantry sells is top quality. A 10% shipping charge is applied to all order (but is much cheaper than the gas spent to drive to Cosco or Sams!) and taxes (darn big government).

There is delicious food, easy to make meals and scrumptious goodies! Let me know if you would like a catalog!

There is no minimum on how much you have to order. Orders are due at the end of the month and are delivered about 4 weeks later.

There are always hot deals and specials that aren't in the catalog. I will post these to the blog and then you will just have to let me know if you want any of these.

Any other questions? Happy eating!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Okay so five months later I am finally updating this blog thingy! And what a crazy five months! I have been wanting to get this done for a while, but my computer was not reading my SD card. So I finally saved the pics to Jared's laptop and SHAZAM! Pictures finally! (Note to all women with husbands who can fix everything!: Jared thought he could fix our computer and now it is in the repair shop just trying to see if we can salvage anything that was on it! At least he admitted that next time we will just take it in first!) But the last time I tried to do a blog update I found Ashton in the other room with an empty bottle of comet that used to be full! I had aqua colored carpet that had to be vacuumed, the whole area had to then be handwashed and of course the room had to be aired out! Immediately preceding this he got in the bathtub with his boots on, and immediately following he gave half of his cookie to Ryan, which Ryan was spitting up all night long!

So now to the real updates! Ryan is 5 months old and doing great! He is such a happy, easy going baby except for when he is hungry! Then he knows how to turn on a massey temper! The kids absolutely adore him and I cannot tell Ashton enough times to stay out of Ryan's room and to NOT climb in his bed and wake him up. This usually happens once a day. Ashton is potty trained and thinks that means he gets to go around naked all the time everywhere! I think it is a guy thing! He is full of energy! Reagan is in Sunbeams and she loves it! She has really started coming out of her shell lately which is great! She is very into anything fancy! I can recite from memory Fancy Nancy and 10 Little Dinosaurs between she and Ashton reading those books incessantly! They are all soo much fun and keep us on our toes and on the look out for those "it seems too quiet" moments!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The morning after the wedding, reception and stitches (august 22) I woke up only to realize that my water broke! It was actually kind of scary. It was exactly four weeks before I was due and I thought oh no this is too early! Anyway, Ryan Todd Massey entered this world at 8:50 p.m. and weighed 5 lbs 6 oz and was 19 inches long. At first he was doing pretty good. He just needed a little bit of oxygen, but then the next night at midnight I had my doctor and the neonatologist come and wake me up in my room to tell me that Ryan was really struggling and not looking good. I just sat and cried. The next morning they gave him some surfactant which was supposed to work immediately and it didn't. We were pretty scared. They were almost to lifelight him and then he finally was able to start keeping up his oxygen levels with the help of the cpap (which before wasn't working.). He was in respiratory distress and had preterm lung disease. He was such a fighter though! In order to give him the surfactant they had to tranquilize the poor guy. But after 8 days in the hospital we finally got to bring him home with some oxygen! Last week he was able to go entirely without any oxygen! And now he is doing absolutely fantastic! We love our little guy and Ashton and Reagan give him LOTS of hugs and kisses! He will be four weeks old Saturday September 19 (his actual due date!)! We feel so blessed for the technology and knowledge of the human body that we have and that we just got a neonatologist in this area a few months ago so that we didn't have to be lifelighted! Also, I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful husband who was constantly running around keeping up on everything during Ryan's first two weeks! He watched and played with the kids and would bring them to the nursery to look at Ryan, cleaned house, and basically played mommy and daddy for me! Thanks, I love you babe!


Congratulations! My little sister Whitney married Jared's little bro Skyler in the Salt Lake Temple on August 20! It was a fun day and Lindsey and Addison even were able to make it out for it! Everything went great, Whitney looked stunning and Skyler got lucky to get her! The next day ( the 21st) was the reception. I made the cake for it and in the middle of cake making I heard a scream outside. This was not a typical scream! I ran outside to find Ashton covered in blood (I don't know how many more times I will have to have sights like this, but I am sure that was not the last!) After I got the blood washed off and was finally able to discover the sight of injury I noticed that just under his lip was a huge split! We debated about if it needed stitches, decided it probably did and took him to the E.R. Yep, he split all the way through his lip! He only needed two stitches, but he was not happy! He kept telling the doctors to "go away" and screamed NO throughout the whole procedure! We didn't get a great picture of it, because of all the ongoing events, so if you can see in these pictures his bottom lip where it seems a little discolored that is where it happened! We didn't think we were going to have time to finish getting the cake put together, but in the end it worked out, phew!

More summer pics!

Jared turned 30 in July and he still looks as sexy as ever! We had a big party for him completed with lots of cake, pinata and bouncer for the kids, and a frozen t-shirt contest for the adults!

Ashton has a thing for wearing everyones shoes, but his own. This sight just cracked me up!