Friday, October 15, 2010

Delectably Delicious Caramels!

I make these all homemade with top quality ingredients and gourmet chocolate! They are to die for! These make greats gifts for visiting teachers, birthdays, Christmas gifts for neighbors, coworkers, friends and are also great stocking stuffers! They are good for ABSOLUTELY ANYTIME!

Everything is coated in a thick layer of delicious homemade, old english caramel, and then dipped in chocolate! Unless you just want the caramels which come wrapped individually with all of its goodness inside!

Caramel apples are $6 or 3 for $15. Pretzel rods are $5 per bag of 2. Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels are $8 for a dozen. And bags of caramels (12 per bag) are $3 each. So cute and even more delicious!

Apple flavors are:
Turtle (Milk Chocolate)
Zebra Stripes (Milk and White Chocolate Striped)
Cookies 'n Creme (White Chocolate)
Apple Pie a la Mode (White Chocolate with delicious spices)
White Chocolate with Heath
Milk Chocolate with Oreo
Milk Chocolate with Heath
Milk Chocolate with Snickers
Milk Chocolate with Butterfinger. Or try the new MONSTER caramel apple! It has oreos, butterfinger and snickers with an extra layer of chocolate drizzled over the top!


Josh and Kristen said...

Hey Lauren! I wouldn't mind looking at a catalog!

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